The centre of Illnau-Effretikon has been the focus of a range of development activities over the last 30 years. With busy bus and train stations located in the centre of town, Bahnhofstrasse is ideally positioned to take advantage of the main rail line to St. Gallen, Winterthur, Zurich, Zurich Airport and further to Lausanne, Geneva etc. Thanks to the train and bus stations, a population of over 500’000 is reachable within 20 minutes. Within a five-minute drive, the main motorway A1 can be reached by car.

    The City Council of Illnau-Effretikon completed a series of expansions by incorporating the village of Kyburg in 2016 and now has a population of nearly 17’000. Having completed its expansion plans, the local authority is now focusing on developing the centre of the town to take advantage of both its own enlarged population and the excellent transport links.

    The master plan approved by the City Council in January 2018 provides for a consolidation. Effretikon will be a very attractive and lively center for all those who live in Illnau-Effretikon or use the station as a hub for public transport. valoRizE plans a skyscraper with a maximum height of 55 meters in a central location (Bahnhofstrasse 28).

    North of the Effretikon station on the Bahnhofstrasse 28 and the existing SBB car park, an 18-storey tower and a new bus station are to be built. The arrangement of the bus station next to the SBB railway station ensures an optimal visitor frequency and makes the lower floors of the skyscraper very attractive for retailers, restaurants and service providers. Two storeys for offices, businesses and / or services can be realized above the bus station.

    The master plan allows up to 65% residential use. In order to facilitate residential use, the master plan stipulates a speed limit of 30 km / h and a low-noise carriageway on Bahnhofstrasse in the master plan.

    The common goal of all project partners is to increase the density of the city centre, to create new residential and commercial space, to optimize access to the station and to make the city center much more attractive to residents, shoppers and businesses.

    The master plan includes most of the city center, thus ensuring its sustainability.

    In order to improve the quality of the street space and to create a better experience for everyone in the city center, the planned high-rise buildings will be interspersed with high quality public spaces and a city park.

    Provisional Table of Areas based on Masterplan with 55 m Tower
    -1 Parking Spaces 1'700 sqm - 57
    0 Bus Station 5.5 m 1'070 sqm - -
    0 Retail 790 sqm 711 sqm -
    1 Offices 790 sqm 711 sqm -
    2 Offices 790 sqm 711 sqm -
    3 Offices 790 sqm 711 sqm -
    4 Residential 560 sqm 504 sqm -
    5 Residential 560 sqm 504 sqm -
    6 Residential 560 sqm 504 sqm -
    7 Residential 560 sqm 504 sqm -
    8 Residential 560 sqm 504 sqm -
    9 Residential 560 sqm 504 sqm -
    10 Residential 560 sqm 504 sqm -
    11 Residential 560 sqm 504 sqm -
    12 Residential 560 sqm 504 sqm -
    13 Residential 560 sqm 504 sqm -
    14 Residential 560 sqm 504 sqm -
    15 Residential 560 sqm 504 sqm -
    16 Residential 560 sqm 504 sqm -
    17 Residential 560 sqm 504 sqm -
    0 - 17 Totals 11'000 sqm 9'900 sqm -